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It Began As “Operation SNOWCHASE” ™

Who are we?  Glad you asked. is the brainchild of five friends, colleagues, and ski enthusiasts who want to enjoy life, travel, and telling stories together.  We’re so glad you are joining us.  

High West Distillery, Park City, UT

Photo by Pockets.

We’re probably like you: 30-40 something professionals, working in in a range of jobs with hefty doses of creativity, personal autonomy, and high burnout rates.  We all work at the same company, although prior to “Operation SNOWCHASE” ™ we didn’t really know each other very well.  But someone had the crazy idea that this ragtag gang should take a ski vacation (sounds like a catchy name for a blog, no?).

And so five work colleagues of tenuous familiarity decided to pursue two mountain peaks in a foreign country, while living together in close quarters for the very first time.  Most were omnivores; but we had a vegetarian and a vegan, too.  Some had traveled the world; others were getting out of town for the first time.  One had kids; several had significant others that we strategically left behind; and all of us had to fight the incessant pull to work remotely (natch, thanks Internets!).

Sounds like disaster, you say?  How could this possibly work, with different likes and dislikes, habits, styles, and really just a passing familiarity with one another?  And vacation travel with work colleagues?  Sounds like a bad idea…

Nah.  To us, it sounded like: “Operation SNOWCHASE.” ™

When the mountains call, you run.  We went to Whistler, BC, Canada for our first joint adventure in this joint venture.  Some of us are expert skiers, having taught in the Rockies.  Others are relative noobs.  We decided to live together, cook together, and sometimes ski together.

Come to think of it, five unrelated adults in a ski townhouse sounds like a mountain version of Friends.  Or the perfect scene for a snowy murder mystery.  Or really just a fantastic ski vacation and the start of something wonderful.

Check out our stories and tell us yours.


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