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Are ski pins still a thing?

My parents hosted Easter dinner last weekend. Walking by my old room, a display case caught my eye.


My family's ski pin collection
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When I was a kid, my parents and I went on an annual ski vacation with one of their friends and his son. Collecting ski pins was a big deal back then. We’d spend our evenings in souvenir shops searching for the perfect pin to commemorate the trip. My friend and his dad had a fancy case to display their collection, so my parents and I needed one, too.

We have several Winter Park pins commemorating those early trips, a pin from The Canyons before Vail gobbled it up, a few Special Olympic pins from when my mom used to volunteer, a number of pins unrelated to skiing that somehow found their way into the collection, and the crown jewel — a 2002 Slovak Winter Olympic Team pin that a friend scored for me during the Salt Lake City Games. My mom’s family is Slovak, so this pin was a big deal.

But over the years, it got harder to find pins. I pretty much forgot about it.

So here’s my question. Are ski pins still a thing?

A quick google search turns up a Ski Magazine article from 1999, a few people selling “vintage” pins, and … well that’s about it.

So, no. Ski pins are no longer a thing. And furthermore, just by asking the question I’ve given away my age.

Okay. Let me try a different angle. If ski pins haven’t been cool in a decade or so,  they’re due for an ironic resurgence. Right?

Next ski vacation, I’ll scour the gift shops until I find a good one. Of course, I wouldn’t dare poke a pin through my fancy technical shell, and I cab’t stick it to my helmet. But I can definitely rock some pins on my beanie at the bar at the end of the day — not my Slovakia pin, though, it’s far too precious.


Sninja is on top of this hot new trend! Check out the pin she picked up at a Florida Goodwill. Turns out, ski pins look great on beach bags.


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