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Carpe Diem

Aspens outlined against the sky on a snowclad mountainside
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Sometimes the best things in life come unexpectedly, especially when skiing.

Like last year in Whistler. I had just gotten off a lift when I saw a bunch of people headed towards a backcountry gate that was about to open. The weather had been challenging all week – high winds and low visibility – but there had also been lots of snow, so even though I had no idea where the gate led to, I figured I’d carpe the diem and give it a try.

skiers hiking through an open gate into the backcountry
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It turned out to be amazing: after a short hike uphill, the descent was across a glacier, on foot-deep powder, and just as I was in the middle of it there was a hole in the clouds and the sun illuminated the whole bowl. It also turned out to be the one and only opportunity to experience this, since soon after, the weather worsened and the gate was closed for the rest of our stay there.

Lesson learned: seize the day!

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